August 26, 2010

Being an artist

‘First you have to really believe in yourself, your work and what you are doing, like a mission – like it is the whole meaning of your life and existence and cannot think of anything else you would rather do more than explore your own mind, like exploring a huge mansion full of unending mysterious rooms. To each of these rooms is a key and this is where thinking process comes in, deciding what you

August 12, 2010

How I got to NOW…

I am interested in process, especially my creative thought process. I always feel I over think and usually about the wrong thing, although connect to my initial thought. Like on a pond, I skim across from idea to idea but was never able or aware of how to go deeper, underneath the service. Leaving me feeling I’m working at a superficial level, which is reflected in my work. Exploring my process on the MA, not