I have currently been working on a new body of work which I shall be showing at 5 Bold Place, as part of Art in Windows. the exhibition Draw Draw Draw, which is viewed from street level, shall run from the 1st September until the 30th September 2018. Location: 5 Bold Place, Liverpool, L1 9DN Times: 07:30 to 23:00 daily (viewing from street) The exhibition focuses on my use of observational drawing as a form of mindfulness. Studying
Processes: observational drawings ‘Processes: observational drawings’ is the first of a series of exhibitions exploring different artistic practices and their process. The pop up exhibition shall look at the work of Colette Lilley and Sarah Jane Richards, whose art practice incorporates observational drawings but each have their own subject and motive but are tied together through the focus of drawing. Processes: observational drawings Colette Lilley and Sarah Jane Richards Sarah Jane’s drawings are the expressions

April 5, 2018

My Bibliography

Below is a list of books which has inspired and helped me to developed my art practice. The list which I shall continue to update as I find new books, contains books that has helped to progress my art theory and improve my drawing technique. I hope this list of books can be of use to other artists who have ever felt uninspired, blocked or just lacking directions.   The Zen of Seeing: Seeing Drawing as

February 13, 2018

Hull Open 2018

Ferens Art Gallery I am happy to announce that three pieces of my work will be on show at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, in their annual Open Exhibition. The exhibition runs from Saturday 17th February until Saturday 22nd April 2018, please see Ferens Art Gallery website for open times. Growing up close to Hull and going to Hull College, I have visited the Ferens Art Gallery throughout my life, and continue to when ever I visit
LEARN TO SEE/LEARN TO DRAW Colette Lilley 16th November till 3rd January 2018 LEARN TO SEE/LEARN TO DRAW is an exhibition that follows my journey as I explored the process of drawing from the perception that ‘It’s not drawing that has to be learned, it is seeing.’ – Betty Edwards. The exhibition at 5 Bold Place and runs from the 16th November till 3rd January 2018. Throughout the exhibition I will be posting helpful insights on my