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I draw to help with my traits of Dyslexia. People with dyslexia think visually with mental pictures of concepts or ideas, rather than verbal thoughts. This makes people with dyslexia more creative, a topic I researched on my MA, but for me the over thinking was exhausting. Drawing has helped me to learn to focus and gain awareness over my thoughts, first through the motion of drawing and by learning to see. I draw using limited mediums. Currently I draw using 1 pen, a bic biro, eliminating choice helps me stay focused. I draw one square at a time, masking off all other squares on my drawing and in the reference image. This way I can only see my drawing and what I am drawing. It reduces distraction and assumptions, again helping me to focus. Now I am a mother working like this, little and often, which means I can still continue my drawing practice, fitting it around nap times or when I have the chance. My Drawing practice has now become an important ritual for myself.

Currently being updated, please come back soon.

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