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Colette Lilley, originally from East Yorkshire, is a Liverpool based visual artisit. She moved to the city after gaining an MA in Art and Design Practice at Loughborough University. Colette has exhibited throughout the country, including London’s Independent Artist Fair (2014) and has worked on a number of projects, which includes the Tate Modern’s project From Morning till Night, Katherina Sede.

Colette’s work explores mindfulness through drawing, she uses both abstract and observational drawing to express and get control over her thoughts, releasing old patterns and gaining awareness. She often draws in great detail her own thoughts and physical features, such as her eyes, mouth,  in order to focus and be able to think at a deeper level. This can be seen in both her mindfulness drawing (2015) and my eye writing boundaries squares (2017) in which we see the conflict between structure and logical thought and the freeform expression, the finished piece is the product of Colette balancing and exploring her thoughts and feelings.

Colette featured on Axis’ Spotlight, as one of five artists to watch during Liverpool’s Biennial (2014). Colette has also featured as Art in Liverpool’s artist of the week and has had her work featured as artwork of the week. Colette co-founded the studio group 104 Duke Street Studios, Liverpool’s Critique Group, and Liverpool’s Artist Network, a platform to connect the artists, art organisations, art venues, groups and collectives of Liverpool. Colette currently resides and works as Studio Coordinator at Arena Studios.