Art in Windows: Draw Draw Draw

I have currently been working on a new body of work which I shall be showing at 5 Bold Place, as part of Art in Windows. the exhibition Draw Draw Draw, which is viewed from street level, shall run from the 1st September until the 30th September 2018.

Location: 5 Bold Place, Liverpool, L1 9DN Times: 07:30 to 23:00 daily (viewing from street)

The exhibition focuses on my use of observational drawing as a form of mindfulness. Studying the form and texture of different body parts that I see in my everyday life giving me an awareness of detail and helps to ground me in the present moment, helping me to compose her erratic thoughts.

The presence of words in the work shows the conversation between the abstract and logical process of drawing, and how the two together can tell a story and give form to my thoughts that can otherwise defy being identified.

Through drawing these images I have learnt about myself and the subject as it gives me insights into my thoughts and feelings that I need to address. The paper is the safe space that I need and the drawings are the means I need to achieve this.

For more of my work see or follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see more of my current work.

Art In Windows is a small organisation that works with landlords and artists to commission and curate temporary and permanent art works for display in empty windows in and around Liverpool.           

To see more of my drawings, visit Works. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see recent works and posts about my life and art.


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