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I have been working with an a number of artists to bring art to the streets of Liverpool, through the new arts organisations Art In Windows. Art In Windows is the brain child of,  and developed through the work of artist Adrian Jean’s, who aims to be: ‘Placing art in Windows in Liverpool to benefit all.’

Art in Windows is a small organisation that works with landlords and artists to commission and curate temporary and permanent artworks for display in empty windows in and around Liverpool.

Windows vary from those in empty shops in the city centre and on local high streets, to empty units in shopping centres and even in houses on residential streets. Art in Windows’ approach to curating public artworks benefits all involved. Artists, landlords and the local community. 

For more information and to see out past and present exhibitions, visit If you would like to be kept up to-date with our latest news, exhibitions, and opportunities, subscribe to our newsletterOr if you have any windows available and would like to work with us please email:


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  1. Hello Collette I worked for Liverpool City Council in 1982/4 and I wrote to Duluth paints and asked for scrap paint or contaminated paint and they offered me lots after I suggested painting all the derelict houses in Cantril farm and Dovecot in which I had 40/50 unemployed lads/girls with an arty background or graffiti background to make the bad areas look at least bright and welcoming before they are bought down but the City Council threw it out and it never went any further I would love to be able to show some of my work and ideas for my city as I never drew or painted for 30 years but through my partners persistence I’ve started again and for her and my kids/ grandkids I’d love to get involved how do I please?

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