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I am excited to be part of Coming Home Liverpool’s first inaugural Art show later this year, ‘Onsite: The Plasterer,’ at The Dead Pigeon Gallery, L3.

Coming Home Liverpool is an initiative, set up by Ronnie Hughes and Jayne Lawless, who along with their teams of builders, decorators and tradespeople, restore and rent empty homes in Liverpool.

Coming Home Liverpool has been created to help bring all of the empty homes in Liverpool back into use, and turn them into secure, well-maintained homes, let to people at fair rents.

Coming Home Liverpool’s first inaugural exhibition will be placed in a beautiful yet rundown old carpet fitting warehouse close to the city center, which is currently being transformed.  The space where we will be exhibiting is unfortunately, but appropriately, called The Dead Pigeon Gallery.

The exhibition will involve artists responding to a theme, Onsite: The Plasterer, the theme that was sparked by Jane MacNeil’s photos, who has been documenting Coming Home Liverpool’s first year. Each artist  will be taking there own personal approach to the subject while responding to the space.

This is not just an exhibition but an opportunity with a residency-esque feel, with the founder of The Dead Pigeon Gallery, Jayne Lawless, encouraging the artists to use and work within the space (specifically when the space has been developed and there is less pigeon poo).

The Artists and people who are involved are Jayne Lawless, Ronnie Hughes, (Myself) Colette Lilley, David Sinclair, Catherine DaltonJane MacNeil, Josephine Jenkins, Patrick Kirk (Art in Liverpool), Jason Hollis, Jason Abbott, Deb Morgan and Katumba.

You can follow my progress throughout the the project, through my posts, tweets and Instagram, and to see more of my drawings, visit Works

Dead Pigeon Gallery
Dead Pigeon Gallery, artwork by Jayne Lawless

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