Time for a change

After 4 years of co-runing the studio I co-founded, 104 Duke Street, it’s time for a change and time for me to move on.

Since summer of last year I have been sharing studios with my good friend and talented artist Josie Jenkins. I gave up a corner of 104 Duke Street and Josie gave up a corner in her studio in Arena (My two studios, joining Arena Studio and Gallery).

Since the begining of March this move has become permanaet with me leaving 104 Duke Street to join Arena with my very own space. I am very proud of what we have learnt and accomplished by provding studio spaces for artist to work, and the exhibitions  we have put on 104 Duke Street presentsThe Dark Side of LightNight  but I am really looking forward to the next chapter where I have the time and mental and phsyical space (although a bit smaller) to dedicate to my own work.


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