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Joining Arena Studio and Gallery

From the beginning of June I moved into Arena Studio and Gallery I am not leaving 104 Duke Street but instead I am sharing spaces. I along with my good friend, artist and co-director of Arena, Josie Jenkins have each given up a corner in our studio for the other to work in, I have joined Arena and Josie has joined Duke Street.

We are treating it as a residency and although I love Duke Street I am finding the change of scenery is doing good for both me and my work. Working in a different environment and meeting different artists, is giving me a new head space,I am getting out of my usual way of working and bad habits, while also being inspired from the space and the conversations with the other artists. It is allowing me to see my work in a new light and giving me permission to try something new, which I can already see in my work.

I do not know how long this will last but I am excited to see how the studio swop develops, maybe as directors of studios this is something we could arrange for other artists, or maybe even looking into studios swops in different cities or even different countries. Although, at the moment I am just pleased with what we set out and accomplished here, although small I already feel it is having a big effect. To see more of work, visit Works and you can also follow me the swop, on Instagram and Twitter.

I would recommend studio swops to any artists.

Arena Studios and Gallery
104 Duke Street


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