The Dark Side of LightNight; An exhibition exploring the shadowed side of the human condition.  

What it is

This intimate exhibition of experimental works is an emotive response to Liverpool’s annual LightNight festival; shining a light into the darkness of the mental and emotional landscape of the human experience and allowing what is usually unseen to be made visible.

How long it’s been going
104 Duke Street, an artists’ studio, has participated in the last three Liverpool LightNight events, turning the studio into an exhibition space, but this will be the first year 104 Duke Street welcomes a host of artists to exhibit.

What you can expect to see
The eclectic exhibition features works which examine loss, loneliness, unrequited love, memories, abandonment, dreams and fears. Works include visual interpretations of personal mental health experiences, therapeutic use of the creative process to ease physical and emotional pain, and pieces which encourage you to explore and question your own mind.

For LightNight only, Be The Change Theatre Company will be presenting a devised performance based on a true tale of modern day slavery, on the hour every hour.

Akihito Izumi
Alice Patrick
Andy Wild
Brendan Lyons
Celia Dearden-Briggs
Catherine Baker
Colette Lilley
Daniel Regan
Diana Terry
Hanna Collingwood
Jihoon Son 
Joanna Thomas
Josie Jenkins
Juan delGado 
Jude Gill 
Julie Dawn Dennis
Lisa Furness
Marion Kuit
Marisa Culatto
Mike Hartley
Paul Rooney
Patrick Kirk-Smith
Sophie Brown
Sophia Kokinis
Stephen King
Veronica Gudmundson
Jayne Simpson
Sian Williams
Susan Gillespie
Susan Plover
Be The Change Theatre CompanyIona Thonger, Edwina Lea

The exhibition includes work which some people may find upsetting.
The exhibition is not suitable for children.
For more information please visit or follow them on twitter

Exhibition Details
104 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5AG
Opens: LightNight Friday 13th May from 4pm till 10pm*
Saturday 14th May from 11am-3pm
Sunday 15th May from 11am-3pm

 *Be The Change Theatre Company performance times 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm.


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