Liverpool Artists’ Network (LAN)

A sharing platform for artists in Liverpool

Liverpool Artists’ Network or LAN for short was created by Josie Jenkins and I over a drink, in discussing the day-to-day running of our studios, (mine 104 Duke Street and Josie’s Arena Studio and Gallery). We discussed the need and could not believe that there was not one already; a list of all the studios in Liverpool.

This came from one very simple need, and something that regulars happens, when we have an enquiry about a space, and the studio is full or not best suited, we try to recommend and pass on the details of other studios. I would be much easier to direct people to a listing website rather than typing out all the studios, there websites and contact details. It would also be a good starting point for anyone new to Liverpool or the Liverpool art scene who are looking for studios, which was me at one point.

We also wanted to make more of an alliance between studios, finding a way for like-minded people to be able to work together no matter what studio, like me and Josie do. So we put out an open call, an invitation to “make something happen” and had the first meeting on 27 October 2015 at the Well Space.

The intention was to get together the ‘doers’ of the independent Liverpool art scene, to talk about having a more joined up approach to the delivery of events and exhibitions and better communication to make more opportunity for artists to work together. The proposal was not to set up an overarching organisation, but rather a consortium which will be a platform for artists in Liverpool to meet and make things happen better.

Josie did an amazing job, heading the meeting, (both meetings, there have been two so far) talking about the ideas, and with peoples input from the meetings and since, the initial ideas have developed and so Liverpool Artists Network was born.

Liverpool Artist Network (LAN)

Our little chat over a drink developed into this:

Liverpool Artists Network will provide:
· Informal networking meetings every three months.
· A mailing list and online forum for artists to have conversations, recruit people who they want to work with, develop ideas and plan events.
· A facility for artists who are interested in delivering events and exhibitions to be matched with other artists and organisations according to their skills and availability.
· A website with information about the Network and including a directory of art organisation, art venues, studios, groups and collectives from across Merseyside.

The website developed from the idea of a studio listing, to one that is more of a resource; becoming a directory for the Liverpool area under the headings of:

  • Artists’ Studios
  • Art Organisations, Groups and Collectives
  • Art Galleries and Exhibition Venues

For a way to put people in touch with one-another, we were recommended to use the SLACK forum, which now meant we had a way for anyone to communicate and work with anyone, studio or no studio.

Join Liverpool Artist’s Network at:

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