Stwido Maelor – First Week

My first week here has been totally different to what I expected. I expected I’d be into my work, continuing to work the way I have, I’d already done the work in my head.But this place, having space and time has had a more authentic effect on my time and work. I’m unsure of how it happened but I went from being in my head to been present, to being in my body.

I became more body aware, aware of how tense I was and I found that after a couple of days my feelings were beginning to come to the surface, it was unsettling, I was very emotional, I realised how I kept busy to keep from feeling. Now I was able to feel it was over whelming.

The plans I made plans fell through, trying to work from the mind fell through, the only choice I had, having no distractions was to stay with the feelings and listen to my body.

Quality of Presence

I now have a quality of presence in what I do and what I choose to do, listening to my feelings. Doing what I want, enjoying what I’m doing without feeling obliged.It’s changed me and my work, I no longer feel tense and less judgmental and harsh about myself and work.



I initially decided to do a word meditation drawing a day, I did find it useful seeing how I need to unwind but this became something I felt I had to do rather than want too, my heart wasn’t in it, so I stopped which was terrifying in away, it was like I was becoming detached from a way of doing things and myself.

Here is my studio space and a few drawings I’m working on at the moment I am excited to see how my work and time here continues to develop. To see my drawings, visit Works. You can also follow me on the residency on Instagram and Twitter.




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  1. Thanks for writing this – when I’m not there it is nice to read what the artists are doing and experiencing. I look forward to reading more. I hope you had a great time. Veronica

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