Stwidio Maelor, settling in

Initially I decided not to do blog posts while I was away I did not want it to become something thing I had to do, I wanted to lock myself away and just draw. However I found I changed my mind,  not only because I find these posts helpful as a reflection on my work, but I mainly  because I want to try to capture and  remember this feeling; the feeling of having time.

It’s a hard feeling to describe it’s like I am detoxing from my life, from having things to do and somewhere to be. Apparently it takes a few days for people to settle into the residency and I can see why having not time limitation, nothing you have to do, just things you want to do, it’s so different from the everyday life.

Just having time its a hard concept to get my head around.

There is just time and silence, silence around and silence in my thoughts.

I thought that having no tv or internet would be the struggle but I have not missed them and enjoyed the silence, (fortunately there is wifi the pub The Slaters Arms with wifi next door to Maelor and in Andy and Adams Cafe which is how I posted this and useful for people to know if your coming to Maelor).

Getting organised

It took a while to adapt, for the first few days, settling in I got organised, doing all the little jobs I’ve been meaning to do for a while, so they were out of my head.  I thought, wrote plans, time tables and goals of I wanted to accomplish, all which are now by day three they are burning on the fire.

I’m slowly easing myself into this different way of living, learning to relax (I’m realising how much tension body is holding) just doing what I want and not what I think I should be do.

Its living in the present, and not in the mind.

It’s a freeing/still daunting feeling but its one I hope to remember and not take granted, I’m realising just how precious time is and how it gives you the space to be free.

…work wise I’ve started with some small word drawings, already noticing the difference I’m excited to see where they go, having no expectations.

To see my drawings, visit Works. You can also follow me on the residency on Instagram and Twitter.

My studio and accommodation

Some pictures from Corris

This is how I’m spending my days especially the evenings curled up in front of a fire, reading and drawing. Getting back to basics, learning life skills.








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