Stiwdio Maelor Residency

Today, I go to wales to start a residency at Stiwdio Maelor. I will have two full weeks, free from distraction to concentrate solely on my work, I cannot wait. My residency runs from Sunday the 22nd of November until the Sunday 6th December 2015 and is based in the ‘picturesque slate quarrying village’ Corris.

An early study which has inspired the idea for the residency.

Stiwdio Maelor iconsist of two studios, for use by local artists (currently Veronica Calarco and Helen Ingham), and three studio/bedrooms for visiting artists and writers.

Instead of having a strict plan, I have more of an area of interest that I want to explore and I want to let it progress naturally. My work usually I explores thoughts, I want ot use the residency to explore emotions.

Emotions and thoughts are linked, thoughts have emotional reactions and I and want to explore the idea that having no thoughts (meditation) should let emotions rise up/come to the surface.

I want to use observational drawing as a tool for meditation; been present through focusing, and to help build awareness. I want to explore the link between colour and emotions, drawing with colour to draw and express emotions.

This are just ideas, I am excited to see where they lead.

I will post here about the residency and what I have learnt it but in the mean time you can follow my experience and see the work i produce on Twitter and Instagram, you can also see more of my drawings, visit Works.

More about Stiwdio Maelor and its residency can be found here.



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