Paper as a safe place

An idea that has appealed to me is the use of paper as a safe place, with it structure as a boundary.

I’ve looked at and explored how the structures of geometric shapes provide a platform for the nature of the organic drawings, and how the two blend together.


What I have come across since is giving paper a dimension, an area that is a ‘designated’ place to work in. I started to use a simple border giving

boundaries, it made me think more about the space, how to use it, and what to use it for.

It is a simpler format than the geometric patterns and shapes, but there is something about it, this feels more natural and authentic, as previous work felt too designed and contrived, as it was about aesthetic appeal rather than being part of the work and process.

For me it need to be an authentic part of the process and the papers with its structure, the edges provides the boundaries and a place for the work. Its was about changing a mind set, seeing it differently.

I began to see the paper with it boundary edges as a safe place.  This idea of a safe place comes from art therapy and it does feel more secure and less inhibited in my work. With the designated area where I can freely express myself, I am less critical and precious over it, seeing my work more diary pages, for me, to work through something, rather than for some less genuine purpose other than finding my authentic self.


(The image is a page from my sketch book working with in a boundary)

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