Materials and body flow

This is just a quick post about a little chance in my work (to be more professional) which has had expecting effects. With the need for archival ink I needed to change pens, something which seems so small has given me and insight, something which I touched up during residency at Arena Gallery and Studio.

At first I started my work with a simple biro (bic fine liner) but after a bit of experimentation I changed to the Staedtler Pigment Liner drawing pen. It is lightfast (fade proof), waterproof with a nib width of 0.05 mm, the ink is consistent, pure black and will last. The Staedtler pen has a thicker barrel, which I didn’t think would make any difference, but it did, it changed my grip, it was no longer tight and controlled as with writing, but my hand was more relaxed and freer.

The tight grip was something I became aware of on my mini residency at Arena Gallery and Studio, when I changed from drawing on the flat surface of a table to the vertical surface of the wall. My drawings  have become freer, flowing more, I am not longer drawing with just my hand but my body as well, it has become more holistic and more of an experience. I am noticing and feeling my body much more, when it is tense and when it is relaxed, I am much more present in my everyday life and I put it down to my art.

My meditation drawing has made me more aware of my thoughts, feelings and body. 

I feel this blog is definitely becoming more of a journal a place for me to put all my notes to remember.

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