Geometry, the basics

After Thresholds I began to look at the use of geometric shapes as boundaries. I decided to go back to basics and learn simple geometry, which I quickly realised was not so simple.

Learning Geometry
Learning Geometry

I am currently working my way through Jon Allen’s book Drawing Geometry, A Primer of Basic Forms for Artists, Designers and Architects (Allen, Jon. Drawing Geometry, A Primer of Basic Forms for Artists, Designers and Architects. UK: Floris Books, 2007), where it teaches you how to draw shapes within a circle or on a line.

Although it can go from simple to quite complex shapes I found it satisfying and an art form in its own right. The web site explain why it is so satisfying as it states:

‘geometry specifically is pure beauty! It is a great synthesizer, merging the linear, rational aspect of math through the left-side of the brain with the graphical, artistic aspect of pattern and beauty through the right brain. It unites the mind and the heart (called the “intelligence of the heart” by the ancient Egyptians), spirit and matter, science and spirituality. These are all apparently separate halves of the Whole.’

The ethos fits in with the idea behind my work; to balance the sides of the mind.

I did not just want to learn to draw the shapes but to understand the effect different shapes have on the feeling of my work and process; understand the characteristics and meanings of different shapes. The more I read I soon came to realise that Geometry was a vast a subject and may be a whole different subject to my work.

I am still interested in understanding  shapes and their meaning/effect, to refine my visual language.

Looking at shapes as boundaries seems a whole different topic, one that is more personal.


Flower of Life
Flower of Life


I read somewhere that shapes give energy function, which is the premise behind BioGeometry, this and as well as the Flower of Life, geometry behind creation, are just two other areas of geometry that have cropped up and I want to look at, at a later date, there are so many things I find fascinating and different ways my work can go. (this is mainly a note to self).


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