Threshold V

Contrasting Geometry

Back in February I found out that my proposal had been accepted for the Threshold V festival, an annual, three day event in Liverpool. The festival is a collaboration of grass-roots music, visual arts and performances. Started in 2011, it has been dedicated to artist development and a driving forward the music and arts industry in the city. Information about the festival can be found here.

The theme for the festival festival this year was contrasting geometry. Below are my drawing which featured in the festival. I proposed to combine my automatic drawings with larger basic geometric shapes, contrasting the detailed organic-like forms with simple basic structures. (Select an images and click on the crossed arrow logo to enlarge my work and see the detail.)

(Circle Meditation, Triangle Meditation, Pentagon Meditation, Parallelogram Meditation. Each work, medium: pen on paper, Size: 84 cm x 59 cm)

To see more of my drawings, visit Works. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see recent works and posts about my life and art.








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