Bull Shit Exhibition

10482036_972689102765912_653147188775243116_oOn light Night I met the lovely people from the Bull Shit Gallery, formally known as the Bull pub. They told me about the work they do using old run down buildings and turning them into art spaces, putting on events and exhibitions. They told me about their latest exhibition, where they were inviting artist to produce politically themed work, that would be auctioned off to raise moment for the charity that had most of their funding’s cut by the Tory Government. 

More information bout these guys and what they do can be found at Drop the Dumbulls.

The topic is is a bit heated with lots of emotions behind it, whereas my work is more personal, trying to heal and , and change negative thought into more positive ones. What I decided to do was  use quotes (I really do love quotes) from famous politician  and politics’ quotes to show my stand point,  that we are all responsible for the kind of country we want to live in and that the Government needs to start working for the people. I wont say too much about this, I will let my work speak for itself.

The exhibition raised in total a fantastic £550 for a local homeless charity, its really great what this guys are doing and are continuing to do and it was really nice to hear that my piece sold after having a bidding war.

Untitled, 2015, Colette Lilley


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