Getting Representation

I’m happy to say I have representation; back in January 2015 Poli Cardenas contacted me through LinkedIn, saying he is setting up an online gallery likes my work and would like to represent me.

Not having heard of online Galleries, I took advice from an artist friend saying going online and not have a physical base is the way of the world these days, it makes sense it cuts down and overheads and art fairs are having a more of a poignant place.

Looking at Poli Cardenas impressive resume which included Goldsmiths University of London it gave me faith he knew what he was doing when he up the O Gallery.

 “O Gallery is an exciting new online gallery promoting original work from emerging and mid-career artists. O Gallery provides a modern, artfully curated online environment for artists to exhibit and sell their work. It offers art lovers a professional platform to enjoy, appreciate and purchase the work on display.”

My original works and high quality limited prints can be found for sale at

The Gallery has only been up a couple of weeks, but for what I have learnt so far in preparation is well worth the commission fees. I have been given advice about the conservation of the art work to pricing, from how to present work to the produce professional high quality prints.

I feel I have been taken under the O Galleries wing and me and my work has gone to a whole new more professional level.

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