What is my blog about? (I’m confused)

I want to get a clearer idea of what my blog is about, why I’m doing it and what I am getting out of it.

I recently used my blog for the residency at Arena Gallery and Studios and found it really helped me to look at my practise and reflect. It helped me to examine my work and see the different avenues I could go down.

I have also used my blog in the past to show my work, which for the majority is development work. I’ve used it to show the books I read, exhibitions I am in, as well as interests and influences on my work.

I have the Works page on my website which acts as a portfolio showing my pieces, which every serious artists needs.

But I find with my blog posts I question who would be interested in what books I’m reading or  how’s my work developing, then I realised it is for me. I find it helpful although a bit cringing to look back over my work, but I can see how far I have come and how my work has developed. I find it helpful writing and getting things out, even though my ideas may not be fully formed, I can put a pin in it and come back to it later, or something I find interesting now but cannot yet see how it all fits together, will later makes. These are all the benefits I am getting from this blog.


The reason I guess why it is public, although I am mainly writing to myself, has to do with, that by putting my ideas out there for an audience, I need to have them more clearly defined. Explain to ‘someone else’ helps me understand. It is also is helping me find my voice. I am trying to be more honest with myself, as the idea behind my work is about the authentic self and making statements, musings and putting my opinion out there is making me more confident.


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