What is this blog about? (i’m still confused)

What is this blog about? I need to get a clearer idea of what the blog is about, why I’m doing it and what I am getting out of it.

The blog I set up and used for the residency at arena www.colettelilleyatarena.wordpress.com really helped me to look at my practise and reflect. It helped me to examine my work and notice difference avenues I could go down.

The blog in the past I have used to show my work, which I now realise forms the majority of my development work. I’ve used it to show my days away at galleries, to show the world what kind of person I am, what I get up to and my interests and influences on my work.

It has been for an audience which seems rather egotistical because it is all about me and my work, why would people be interested in what books I’m reading how’s my work developing. I have my website colettelilley.com which has a clear aim it’s my portfolio to show to galleries, which in this industry if I want to be taken seriously as professional artist is a must. It still needs work, since the website can’t zoom, I need to find a way to make the detail on the images clearer (or hopefully soon wix will develop this, fingers crossed).

This blog though, I’m going to keep reminding myself it’s for me, it’s cringing to look back over my work but it does help and does give me a boost to see how far I’ve come and that my hard work is pay off. I can also see how I have changed so much as person.  It’s  to help me develop my ideas, I don’t have to wait to have fully form theories or conclusions, my work doesn’t have to be tied together in a neat little bow, each post will be a like a page in a sketch book, that on a whole will form my work.

It feels freeing to come at it from this angle, that I’m able to be more honest, mention an idea I think might be related, so I can put a pin in it to come back to later, or something I find interesting and can’t see how it is related but ends up been important further down the road.

The reason why it’s public, well if I had started it today it might not have been but I might as well continue, I find the idea that it is out there for people to judge, makes me take it more seriously and what has made me continue for 6 years.

It no longer affects the content of what I want to say, (the idea behind my work about the authentic self seems to be working) but does make me want to get clearer about what I want to say, in a more precise way; I understand it more through trying to write and explain.

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