Day 8 – the last bits

I feel like I have learnt a lot from the residency, it has given me chance to really look at my process. I need to write, to express my thoughts to get them out of my mind before I am able to focus. That writing automatically, gives me an insight and awareness into my thought patterns.

Prep, previous work

I also found there were conversations happening between my verbal and none verbal thoughts; my drawings, which led to insights and answers to questions I did not know I had. This is something I began to notice in my drawings, but is something I want to explore at a different time.  With this work I am exploring the focus and expression. I noticed that when my mind was clear and I was focusing, using my own sensations to feel, it let emotions come through, which gave my expression a whole feel and look.  Now I am able to see how other parts of my work all fit together, where I have used colour to help me express  this emotions, which I plan on exploring this next, emotions, sensations and colour.

I now feel I understand my work more, and my expression feels more real and authentic. 

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