Days off

I’m having a couple of days away from the Gallery as real life takes over. I do think breaks, even with a deadline are good and necessarily to the creative process. It gives the mind a chance to relax and let things come to it, insights. Then ill return to it with fresh eyes.

Drawing yourself

I think I need to say a bit about why I chose to draw my self or have my self as the focus for my mediations.

It originally came out of the need for something living to draw (which is more satisfying and a challenge than drawings an inanimate object) and I am the closest thing to hand. I also found it useful and fits into what my work is about, gaining great awareness, and understanding me and my thought.

They say you don’t really understand something until you draw it. I also found that when you draw from a place of pure focus, you drop labels, judgements and really see.

‘I have learnt that what I have not drawn I have never really seen, and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing I realise how extraordinary it is’ [i]

This really helps and is quite healing from looking at your self in a mirror and stopping the negative self talk, no talking and no judgement, just looking.

This is just another aspect to my work, using the silences in my chatting mind to heal. At some point I also want to explore different ways to use words and how to use the words and silences together like a conversation (with the silences let insights come through).


[i] Franck, Frederick. The Zen of Seeing Seeing/drawing as meditation. New York: Vintage Books, 1973, page 6.

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