Day 6 – my thoughts

My drawings started a bit all over the place to day, I had things on my mind. I had so many thoughts clouding up my mind, I could not focus, I needed to get them out. So I did.

I started to write on the walls, automatically letting it out, fast, until I felt better: ‘A way of getting in touch with the intuitive voice is “journaling” connects you with words and thoughts beneath the surface of your focused consciousness, to discover what is really going on in my heart. Commit to paper, as quickly as possible, whatever is in your thoughts, whichever tool keeps up best with your rapid flow of words. After only a few paragraph, you’ll see your surface thoughts falling away as larger issues and truer perceptions push their way ahead’[i] (‘Awareness is the greatest agent for change.’[ii])

This is what I had been missing, its a representation of my thoughts I’d just been focusing on trying to not have thoughts (visual thoughts/silences) through drawing. But the thoughts are a crucial part to it. They are the reason why I started this, to stop the over thinking and find a balance.

The wall is an expression, a tool and as so a representation of my thoughts, both visual and verbal.  

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[i] Carbonetti, Jeanne. The Zen of Creative Painting an elegant design for revealing your muse. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1998, page 88. 
[ii] Tolle, Eckhart. A New Earth Creat a better life. England: Pegiun Books, 2005, page 98.

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