Day 2 – getting organised

It is quite a daunting prospect when starting something new, a new project, a new drawing, there is something intimidating by the whiteness off the paper or walls in my case can seem. Especially with the looming deadline of the private view adding and extra pressure.

Half of me wants to rush in and get started, so at least I have some work done and I’d have something to show. While the other half, I’m not sure if its through fear of starting or through procrastinating wants to wait. I thought of making a detailed plan with an tight itinerary, but that wouldn’t help and is not what this residency is about, It’s about having an idea and letting it develop naturally in a new space. The idea I am exploring is learning how to see through drawing, which puts you in the present moment and focuses the mind, has developed from my work.

I spent day two getting organised, going through my old work and seeing all the separate strands, how it’s all connected and ideas I would like to explore in the future. It helped me understand how I have come to this, my idea that I want to explore.

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