Day 1 – the ritual

Purpose of blog

It seems a bit self indulgent writing a blog about what I get up to, I do not know if anyone will read it or be interested in what I get up to Arena Studios and Gallery, or if my work will be something I want to show. However the main purpose of my blog is to help me understand and reflect on what I am doing, like a diary/sketchbook. To help me explore the different ideas and theories that have helped to shape my work. I think with any creative practise there has to be a balance between structure and freedom, for it to be successful; organised chaos and reflection give me this.


The ritual

My first day at Arena Studio and Gallery was taken up preparing, cleaning floors and touching up walls, not that there was much to do, it is a lovely little Gallery and space.No matter where I go or what studio I’m in, since my first one at Loughbrough to the ones in Liverpool, I’ve always given it a good clean and a fresh coat of paint. It’s my ritual, to make it fresh and new for me to put my own stamp on it. It’s like starting with a clean blank page, which is very apt considering I am using the walls as my sketchbook.

In preparing the space it did make me realise I do not want to be too precious, and can not be because the work is not permanent so I want to use this time and space to let go, to get expressive, to not over think.

I hope this blog, with reflection will help me gain awareness to my work, so I can get the most out of the time here, and it wont be a tool to help me over think. The over thinking, and over complicating things is the reason behind my work and me seeking a way to stop and relax, meditation.

To see my work which will inform the residency, visit Works, and you can also follow me on the residence, on Instagram and Twitter,  where I will be posting regularly.


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