Mini Residency in Arena Studios and Gallery

Arena Studios and Gallery are doing something different with their gallery space for the next few months. They are allowing  Arena artists a two week slot to use the gallery space in way they see fit, which also includes Arena artists inviting others to use the space. Arena Member Josie Jenkins has kindly invited me to undertake a mini residency in the space from 27th April 2015.

I’ll be using the gallery walls, as well as my blog as a sketch book, exploring the idea of learning to see through learning to draw, using observational drawing as a tool for meditation; to stay presence.

The mini residency in the Arena Gallery will include an opening to the public on Thursday 7th May 2015 6 pm – 9 pm.

 More information about the residency and Arena Gallery and Studio can be found at

To see my work which will inform the residency, visit Works, and you can also follow me on the residence, on Instagram and Twitter,  where I will be posting regularly.


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