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TIAF 2014This year my work was selected to be in TIAF, The Independent Artist Fair, London, which ran from the 15th of October until the 19th of October 2014. TIAF was set up by Wend Macmillan in 2012 and has been a success platform for artist to exhibit along side the others fairs Frieze and The other art fair. It was a great experience to be involved in the fair and to exhibit in London, to such a wider audience. The whole process has given me more confidence in my work and allowed me to work at or see my work at a more professional level. 

The piece of work which was selected for the fair is Title: Meditation drawing III (17/2/14-13/4/14), Medium: Pen and paper, Date: 17/2/14-13/4/14, Size: 44 inch by 49 inch. Which was accompanied by a brief artist bio about myself and statement to help explain my work and process.

 Artist Bio
Colette is a practicing visual artist based in Liverpool. She gained a masters in art and design practise at Loughborough University, exploring the creative process, a theme she continues today. In 2013 she co-founded and currently co-directs104 Duke Street Studio, an artist’s studios based in Liverpool city centre. Colette has exhibited through out the country and was selected to work on the Tate Modern project From Morning till Night, Katherina Sede, 2011. Colette recently featured on Axis Spotlight as one of five artists to watch in Liverpool’s Biennale 2014.

Artist Statement
My practice is established around the principals of art as therapy. My drawings represent expressions of thought, those to be release and those of a calm still mind, which through expression and mediation can be used to reach the authentic self, balanced and harmonised. My drawings are my thoughts. Ephemeral instances captured to create an almost tangible organic moment. A therapeutic process of automatic expression and mediation, they explore and help to gain clarity and awareness. In the beginning, a verbal thought, unsolicited written words expressing. The form growing through sentences built up by the contemplation of labyrinths. Meditation, relaxing and letting go through the repetition of circles.

I met some remarkably talented artists whose work also features in the show, as well as kind and interesting visitors to the exhibition, giving lovely comments and useful feedback. I also had a few opportunities come out the fair, which I shall post about later. Here are some photos of the fair, the work of other artist and the private view (photos byRobin Young and Elaine Sutton).

To see more of my drawings, visit Works. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see recent works and posts about my life and art.




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