The busy month of May, an exhibition and a fair

104 Duke Street Collective showcasing its current artists

So far 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for me personally and professionally. It all started by back in April, in the Monroe, Me and Cherie Grist, we had one of our inspirational chats over a nice cup of coffee, deciding to in just over a month convert our beloved studio into a Gallery space and put on 104 Duke Street’s first exhibition.

It was really lovely all the help and support we received (from painting the walls to the press release) to make the exhibition such a success. So a big thank you to everyone who kindly gave us their time to help.



The exhibition called 104 Duke Street Collective showcasing its current artists, ran for two weeks and including over Light night for which we has an amazing 180 visitors to our not so little space. (Click and select the cross icon to expand.)

104 Duke Street invitation
104 Duke Street invitation

We wanted to show Liverpool the talented artist we have in our studio and what we get up to behind close doors. The artist’s who took part were (me) Colette Lilley (co-director of 104 Duke Street Collective) Cherie Grist (co-director of 104 Duke Street Collective) Laura O’reilly, Nicola Hands and Paul Romano.

I exhibited my three large mediation drawings, Meditation Drawing I,  Meditation Drawing II,  Meditation Drawing III that I had been working on for more than a year (a post to follow). Me and Cherie curated our work, so our pieces were alternated, the idea behind our work is similar, a means of expressing and releasing emotional issues, but our styles are different, like our identities. Cherie’s colourful and bold painting next to mine quiet and thought drawings, almost like mine is a meditative breath or a silence.

All the artist’s, who had worked so diligently, had such positive feed back and lovely comments, it made all the hard work so worthwhile. For me it also lead to more opportunities with my first commission.

Liverpool Art Fair 2014


In May I was also accepted to exhibit in Liverpool Art Fair 2014. I was very happy to be selected to exhibit among such talented artists. I exhibited my drawing Mindfulness which explores expression and mediation through the automatic writing of verbal thought with the contemplation of labyrinths and meditation through the repetition of circles. I had such good and useful feed back, that it has given me the idea to produce limited editions of my work, soon to be available. (Click and select the cross icon to expand.)

To see more of my drawings, visit Works. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see recent works and posts about my life and art.




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