This is not my Beautiful House a state of mind (explained)

This is my work currently on show at Tate Liverpool as part of the Soup Collective. An exhibition formed by the staff of Tate Liverpool, it is their response to 2014 Biennial.

This is not my Beautiful House a state of mind

This is not my beautiful house,  a state of mind explores the meaning of words as a reflection of ourselves.  It takes the concept of beauty and house as literal interpretations, as definitions from the oxford dictionary and compares it to a more psychological idea from a dream dictionary. The aim is to encourage people to see the many hidden levels behind words their meanings as well as within the mind, to become more self aware. (Click and select the cross icon to expand.)
I have tried something a little different with working to a theme but still incorporating part of my usual process which is not usual seen. I have made text based artwork around a concept using quotes (which is fitting since the theme itself is a quote) reading and gathering quotes, which forms the majority of the research, but is just usual evident in the theory behind it. It also fits into my current topic of my work, exploring and understanding the mind. I have titled my piece This is not my Beautiful House, a state of mind. 
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