Exploring therapies

I have found that I am becoming more and more interested in healing techniques and therapies, something which is extending into my art and in some ways becoming the focus.

They are not only improving my life but giving me insights into my art from different angles.


Meridian Tapping

I became interested in the meridian tapping, especially one called choice method, which involves tapping in sequence pressure point on the body (a similar idea to acupuncture) whilst repeating positive affirmations, because of its use of words and the language. It has helped me to understand the role my writing has in my art; the morning pages which I have been doing since 2010 after reading The Artist’s Way by Juila Cameron, and my previous work on the MA exploring the use of and link between writing, verbal thoughts with drawing, visual thoughts in creativity and finding creative solutions, and to develop it further.

With my writing I was expressing my thoughts and feelings to clear them before, and so it that is was easier to meditate, through drawing. Now I’ve been letting go and relaxing into the process it’s been naturally incorporated it into the practice.

The writing also has more of a focus behind it, to help explore emotions/thoughts, to understand and accept what I am feeling /purpose which become the chosen topic of the mediation.
I am currently looking at different types of drawing mediation which I shall post about later.


Reiki Principles

On the 9th to September I took a day course where I learnt about and was initiated into the hands on healing technique of Reiki.

It is the Reiki principles, which has really helped art. It has helped me to continue what I have learnt form the book Trust The Process : An Artist’s Guide to Letting by Shaun McNiff, to relax in the process, to not have limiting/negative believes or preconceived ideas of what art is/should be.

There are many different worded version but they all basically say the same. This is my favour version,

Just for today I will not worry
Just for today I will not anger
I will give thanks for all my blessings
I will honour everything
I will do my work honestly

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