Superflex: Liverpool to let project

Volunteering for the Biennial

Throughout August and September I volunteered for the Biennial 2012, working on the Liverpool to let project by the Denmark artist group Superflex.

When Superflex visited Liverpool they were perplexed by the amount of commercial spaces permanently ‘To Let’ as they were so close to a newly built shopping complex. To raise awareness of this, through volunteers, they reproduced 49 of the signs, which are currently on show at The Cunard Building (position 1 on the Liverpool Biennial map) until 25 of November 2012.

As one of the many volunteers who painstakingly hand painted each sign. I was attracted to this opportunity, to explore the automatic process of painting and mediation; Losing my self in the medium and the canvas, while been present and focused. I was also interested in the effect being focused has on the psyche. I was able to explore it here because I emotionally detached, the project was not mine, whereas with my work I am constantly thinking what does this mean and where is it going.

Through working on the Superflex project I have learnt about staying focused, taking it one step at a time and staying detached from the outcome, skills which I shall be putting to use in my work.

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