Sum Up

A little reflection of what I’ve been doing and where I am now.

I’ve said in the past I’m giving my self a foundation, relearning the basics but in a way that embraces awareness with logical understanding. I felt the urge to do this because I found my skills limiting, and hindered my expression. Not that I was sure of what it was I wanted to express. All I knew is that I was interested in the creative process and how to improve it.

First, I looked at observation, learning to see correctly through the drawing process. The two are so closely linked its hard to see which was improving which.

Observation along with the repetitive acts of creating (a theme I explode on the ma) introduced me to mindfulness and mediation.
I went on to methodically explore the basics visual elements of what I saw: Form, Tone and Colour. Through both awareness (the seeing) and logic so I could understand what I was seeing, how it worked, why it did what it did, so I could put to use.

I was also exploring different mediums finding out what was working for me and what wasn’t.

I realized I needed to work with what seemed natural for me, to use my feelings; feel my way.

It’s my sensations of what I see that I want paint, draw, express.
My sensation is mindfulness, meditation.

By going through this process, it has helped improve my technically skill and so my ability to express, but has also helped me define what it is Im interested and wanting to explode.

Art therapy, expression, meditation.

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