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On the 30th of June I travelled down to London again to check out a few exhibitions, my favourite by far was the Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye at The Tate Modern. I know of him because of the scream but never really knew much about and his practice. Now I can say I love his work and practise. Some of his work I’m not so keen on but I find I can relate to his work so much because of how he is using explore to explore his life and emotions.

The most powerful room in the exhibition has mirrored works of earlier and later versions of the same themes. My favourite was the sick child, which relates to the death of his sister as a child. His work has an illustrative point with the imagery and subject but the way he paints, expressing his emotions like he is trying to get them out, or work something out, I like it.
He also works in series, sometimes the images works and sometimes it just doesn’t. Seeing this really helps, its not just about having one nice final image, it’s about the 100 you do before.
You can see how it has developed and he has not just arrived at his final work, there was a before, it has evolved. This helped me to see that what I am doing now and have done before is my art, that I have to be happy with where I am and it has a purpose, to work on it develop my own expression not jump from thing to the next thinking waiting to find my really art.
Edvard Munch did develop his work and found the perfect balance been using illustrative imagery with the expressive application of the medium to explore and show his emotion, the scream, which unfortunately wasn’t on show. But that could not have been arrived at without all the work before.
This is what I hope for, that the final piece will show my process, and which will happen only when I have perfected my process.

While I was there I also popped into see the Damien Hurst retrospective, I had to see what all the talk was about. I think he’s a great business man and the true artist in the show was Mother Nature. Not a fan I’m afraid, his works seems to illustrate points and not really explore them enough for me. Saying that though I do think that every movement has a reason and helps to evolve the next and questioning what I don’t like about it, the superficial nature makes me realise what I want to explore deeper my own work.

I also popped into the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, can’t believe I’ve never been, I liked how it’s a survey of art now, so some great some not so much, must remember to enter next year.

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