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On the 24th of May I travelled down to London to see the Lucien Freud Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, in its last week it was very busy but wonderful to see so many people admiring his work. I’m fascinated by portraits because of their ability to capture and express the energy of the subject and artist, it’s easy to tell and feel the different between sensations expressed and illustrations.

I wouldn’t say I’m a portrait artist but an artist who draws portraits or people, I’m especially drawn to faces mainly because it’s what I look at most in my experience of the world.

This exhibition in part helped me to realise, like the book Trust The Process, that I don’t have to have all the answers now, that there is a flow and how life events, experiences effect the person we are and the expressions we produce.

His work the Girl with kitten 1947 and Women in white shirt 1957, ten years part show how his work evovled from an illustration style to a more process and material exploring style, the first needed for the second to be born. I realised I need to be happy with where I am that my work will continue to eveloe its a natural process and any attemp to control will hinder it.

I shall create mindful expressions of the now, with positive expectataions for the future.

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