Change of Perspective

I’ve been reading a book, which isn’t much of a surprise,  that has really changed the way I view my art, something else which I have probably said before, because all good books keep changing my perspective on  my art and my process.

Trust The Process, an artist’s Guide to letting go, by Shaun Mcniff. It’s helping me to relax, to trust the process and go with the flow. It’s giving me the confidence and permission, in a strange way to trust myself.

I have this strange idea in my head of what art is and what it is not, I don’t know if I’ve been condition or it’s just my insecurities’.  I never want to show work or think im ready or what I am doing is art. I know that I will I’ll never deem it finished or good enough. When really art is an expression, the thing that I just do, a habit? What I do when I’m not looking. Trust The Process is beginning to show me that every expression is my art. That it is about all the little things that add to and make up a whole.

It’s also showing me that everything is related and one thing affects another, been creative in every/any aspect of my life feeds in to other parts. This is something I have believed and explored on my MA, arts reflects life and vice versa.

So I am going to take a more relaxed approach with my art, take small steps and not fret, learn to trust my instincts and not have to everything completed and tied up in a bow, it’s all about the flow.

I haven’t even finished reading the book, so expect more posts on it, but would definitely recommend to any artist or anyone who is struggling with their creative expressions and finding themselves.

Expect more post about what I’m up too.

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