On the 3rd of september…

On the 3rd of september 2011, I was sat on Queen Victoria street, london. I was drawing a building but it was not of any buildings in sight. It was a small house located in the small village Bedrichovice in the Czech Republic. I was drawing this for the Katerina Seda project, commissioned by Tate Modern.

I drew from 11.30 till 7 in the evening, it was lucky it was such a warm lovely day. I met some of villagers from Bedrichovice including the lady who’s house I was drawing. Although not speaking the same language, I wasn’t too sure if she liked my drawing, I dont think she was too happy that I had concentrated on drawing the damp and the lovely patterns of tones it produced, great for an artist, probably not for a home owner.

This is my drawing, it is not my usual work and was very challenging. I wanted to focus tone, the application of tone and the delicacy of the tonal variations. It was a learning curve and did teach me quite a lot.

At the end of the day we handed in our work and headed for a party with free food and alcohol, which after a long day was very much appreciated.

I’ve heard that the work may form a exhibition or be put together in a book, but we will just have to wait and see.

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