After coping the old masters


In my last post I touched upon how I was looking at old masters and how they translated tone with Line. However, this was too no avail, copying there manner was not teaching me what I wanted to know, even when I experiment, which I did in the drawing chosen for the contemporary drawing exhibition (see my last post).

It wasn’t until A friend recommended the book The Practise and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed that I had my break threw. It taught me about the language of lines and the difference between line drawing and mass drawing, something which has helped my understanding. The book was written in 1917 and teaches things that should be taught at art school but are not. I’m half way through the book now but I can already see the improvement in my work. This is my copy of an illustration in the book, I now understand about effect of different lines.

my drawing a copy from The Practise and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed

I’m not going to include many of my drawing in these recent posts as these are just summaries about what I have been doing, and as my work has developed it does not seem relevant but do show how I have arrived at where I am.

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