The busy month of May

An exhibition and open studio

It has been a while since my last post as I have been bit busy moving studios. I have said good bye to Red Wire and moved to Wolstenholme Creative Space. In this time I was also involved in a couple of events. Firstly, for LightNight, 13th of May I took part in an open studio with my old studio group Red Wire.  It was a lovely night, opening our studio to the general public, we had a lot of visitors and I met some interesting people.

I was also selected for the Contemporary Drawing exhibition in the Bohemia Space, from 28 May – 16 July 2011. The piece which was chosen, The Blue Lady  is a portrait study of the virgin from Leonardo’s Virgin on the Rocks. It was an experimental piece, looking at the use of line for tone. I began looking at “old masters” and their work for their use of tone, I find translating tone difficult that it goes against my nature and my love for lines. This is an on going theme in my work which I shall no doubtingly post about later.

To see more of my work and see how my practice has developed see my Works. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see posts about my recent works, life and art.


Blue Lady from the Contemporary Drawing exhibition


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