The Artist’s Way

It has been a while since my last post, the reason for this is I have been catching up on some reading, in particular one book The Artist’s Way Cameron, Julia. The Artist’s Way. USA: Penguin Group, 1992.The Artist’s Ways, by Julia Cameron. It has taken me a long time to read as the books covers a 12 week recovery programme for block creatives and artists.

I can defiantly recommend the book as it has made me question creativity and limits we put on ourselves. It has helped me enormously, changing my practice and the way I view it. Although the book has not been an easy process and I’m sure I will have to follow the exercises a few more times in my life when I sink back into old patterns. I now feel more confident in my work and my process.

The two aspects or exercises that have helped me the most are the morning pages and artist dates. Morning pages are where you write out your thought first thing in a morning over a number pages, it is automatic writing with the act of ‘getting out’ the doing and the expression being more information than what is actually written. After writing these pages my mind felt clearer and I felt unburdened which allowed creativity and other things such as ideas to flow into my mind.

I also find artist dates useful, the idea of planning breaks, for mine I would visit art galleries, read books in coffee shops. I found it refreshed my work due to new environment and giving my mind a rest, as they said a break is as good as a rest. It also took off pressure which allowed my work to evolve  naturally just like the creative practise.  

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