Liverpool Art Now, part one

Exhibiting in Mello Mello

I happy my work will be included in the exhibition Liverpool Art Now, part one, in Mello Mello. The exhibition runs from the 19th March until 30th April, with the open night March 18th from 7 pm till 10 pm, all welcome.

My work that being shown is a cheeky painting, Bottom. The painting of a ladies bottom (not mine) has led to some realisations about my process. Been new to painting I happy with it but I found at points the painting stopped being about mediation as the pressure of perfection and aesthetics took over. I found this was something I needed to work through and let go. I found that I work spurts of energy, and once it has gone it is hard to get back to and continue.

My process is about being in the moment, seeing in the moment, each moment is separate and unique and hard to blend as one.

To see more of my drawings, visit Works. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see recent works and posts about my life and art.



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