First painting

First Painting, a ladies bottom…I don’t know why. Its unfinished but my first attempt. Im pretty pleased as its my first attempt, I can see what needs improving and what is working. I feel please as I was not just “fudging it” and had some idea of what I was doing.

It feels good to be so expressive, I’ve been working on my colour theory and working so to tight and analytical, with numerous people telling me ‘I’m over thinking’. They are totally right ‘I do over think’, but this is my process and why I’m investigating mediative drawing…to find peace.

Its funny because I seem to have to go from extremes, learn so much and get so enthralled in a subject to the point of obsession, to be able to let go and just explode and expand.  Like a coil wrapping so tight around itself to give it enough power and force to spring forward.



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