Drawing is my Mediation

The following quotes from The Meditation Society of Australia, help me to explain why work and how I see it as mediation.

‘Meditation is an extremely simple process. It follows three distinct steps.

We start with the superficial, scattered mind – (This is the level with which we often carry out our day-to-day chores…it is often characterised by lots of thoughts, positive and negative, with very little control or knowledge of how they got there)

We then progress…to deeper, analytical thinking. When our mind is focused completely on one thing, we are the most efficient and purposeful in our thinking. The analytical level reveals the deepest we can go with thought.

From this very deep thinking we enter into intuitive states, revelations, “I know this is right” feelings or extremely vivid goals or intense creativity or spiritual dreams.’

When thinking stops and intuitive experience takes over, this is meditation.’

My observational drawings and the colour work I a currently doing are part of my analytical thinking, and were also created by clearing the mind through concentration.


‘The task of meditation is to enter the very focused thinking of the analytical mind and from there the shift to the intuitive mind or heart takes place automatically….If, for example, we want to become a pianist, we first have to train the body and the mind to have the correct finger technique etc. For a footballer, the right kicking style; for a rock-climber, the right moves; so we concentrate past the superficial to the analytical mind and learn and practice as efficiently as possible.’

This is what I hope to achieve and why I am giving myself a foundation, learning or relearning in a way that I am able to reach full potential.

The Meditation Society of Australia, ‘Class 1 – Meditation for Beginners’, http://meditation.org.au/class1.asp, consulted 14 September 2009.

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  1. found you through Louise. You have some lovely drawings on your blog..good luck with the egg exhibition. I too find that making any kind of art is very meditative and calming for the soul

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