I am currently giving myself a foundation, which is why there is such a long gap between posts. I am learning the basics of visual language in a way, which feels natural and is based on the premise of balancing the right and left side of brain; awareness with logical understanding.

I want to understand how I work and for that I need to become more aware of my practise.

The main thing I learnt on the MA was the importance of self-awareness, now I am using this awareness to look at my practise and see what is missing and what needs improving.


I am working (logically) in steps, with each step evolving into the next.
i.e. Drawing  → Tones → Colour.

Please see my bibliography for the books and ideas that I am basing my foundation on.

The subject of my work is self-development and self-awareness, I do exercises, drawings, painting to improve but my work feels disjointed, there is no flow or continuing theme in my work. I want the theme in my work to reflect the subject of what the work is about. I hope this will emerge by the end of the foundation.

The lack of flow has made me feel I cant show it or I don’t know how to show it. Calling this phase of my work a foundation helps me show it even if it is just on my blog. I don’t have to worry about the lack of flow so I can just concentrate on improving my technique. I hope by the end of the foundation the theme will have emerged and I will be able to explore different ways to show my work.

My aims with the foundation are:

Improving my ability, technique and knowledge.

Finding a theme or a flow.

Understanding the most appropriate way to exhibit my work.

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