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right intuitive side

I am interested in my creative thought process. I always feel I over think, quickly jumping from one thought to the next. Like on a pond, I skim across from idea to idea but was never able or aware of how to go deeper, underneath the service. Which leaves me feeling I am working at a superficial level, which is reflected in my work.

Exploring my creative thought process on my Masters (the work below) I started to see creativity as a meditative practise, intuitive and automatic (which relates and is associated with the right side of the brain functions). That my process needs to be balanced with logic and structure for input and understanding. To push forward, like steps, guiding creativity to help it reach its full potential. 

Now I have a better understanding of my process, that I need to use guides (even with single words that reflects concepts) to act as focus for my awareness, allowing it to play but being pushed forward for learning and self-development. I am going back to basics and learning to draw in a way that feels natural for me; learning to draw through learning to see.

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left side
left logical side
Book for MA module 2008
A book I produced exploring my creative process, testing existing structures and my belief about automatic writing as part of the process. How balance is needed and how to use words as guiding concepts.









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